Chicago Greek Funerals

Celebrating Culture & Tradition

Kolssak Funeral Home has been serving families of all walks of faith since 1930. We understand that every faith has its different traditions and rites. Dean Argiris has devoted his funeral service career to serving the Greek Community. In 1975, as a teenager, Dean was introduced to the business by working alongside his Godfather, Peter “Taki”, and Dean Adinamis. He later worked with John G. Adinamis for over 20 years. During his time working with the Adlinmas Family, Dean attend Worsham College of Mortuary School, got married, raised his family and developed a more in depth understanding of the business. In 2013, Dean stepped back from working with John Adinamis, became the Village President of Wheeling, IL, and began working at Kolssak Funeral Home. Over the years, Dean Argiris has cultivated numerous relationships around Chicagoland. Kolssak Family Funeral Home and Dean Argiris have developed Chicagoland Greek Funeral Service to better serve the Greek Community.

We respect the very sacred customs of the Greek Orthodox Faith. The Greek Orthodox funeral is composed of The Trisagion Service of meaningful hymns, chants, prayers, readings and symbolism; the funeral for both the deceased and the living. Every baptized Orthodox person deserves the Holy Sacraments. Wakes or visitations can take place either at Kolssak Funeral Home in Wheeling or prior to services at church. We honor the Traditional Greek Orthodox Funeral customs by having the icon present at the visitation and funeral, the Greek Orthodox crosses, a Savano (which is the burial shroud placed on the deceased under their clothing symbolizing Jesus’ crucifixion and Resurrection), the sand and oil symbolize our bond with Christ and the telling of the life story of the deceased allowing their Memory to be Eternal.

We have developed a relationship with Greek clergy and churches to provide you with the best possible service in the Chicagoland area. We commonly work with Ascension of Our Lord, Saints Peter & Paul, St. Nectarios, St. John the Baptist, St. Haralambos, St. Sophia, St. George, St. Andrew, St. Basil, St. Demetrios and the Annunciation Cathedral along with many others. We look forward to serving you and your families during your time of need.