Livery Packages

All of our funerals are led by a "lead car" that helps the procession get through intersections and arrive safely at its destination.  Additionally, each funeral car is accompanied by a professional driver which adds to the level of service our families receive.

Essential Livery - Lead Car and Hearse - $850

Classic Livery - Lead Car, Hearse and Family SUV - $1300

Regal Livery - Lead Car, Hearse and 2 Family SUVs - $1550

Flower Packages

It is traditional to express affection for a deceased member of the family by purchasing flowers.  They are a sign of our love and devotion.  At minimum, most people like to see a 'casket spray' which adorns the closed portion of the casket.  Additionally, the family may choose to have 'end baskets' which match the casket spray.  Each of these pieces is usually accompanied by a ribbon expressing the relation.
(i.e. "Dear Grandma", "Loving Husband", etc.)

Essential Flower Package - 1 Casket Spray with Seasonal Flowers - $225

Classic Flower Package - 1 Casket Spray and 2 End Baskets with Seasonal Flowers - $650

Regal Flower Package - 1 Casket Spray and 2 End Baskets with All Red Roses - $1100

Food and Beverage Packages

Food and Beverage packages are OPTIONAL and are offered as many families request the services.  All packages come with an elegant cheese and crackers platter and can be tailored from simply soft drinks to a full compliment of beer, wines and spirits.  All packages require a bartender / attendant / setup fee and can be scaled based on consumption.  Additionally, full catering packages are available with a catering specialist from the Stefani Restaurant Group.

Up to 50 people - $150 bartender / setup fee, $500 + tax (100 beverages)

50 - 75 people - $300 bartender / attendant / setup fee, $750 + tax (150 beverages)

75 - 100 people - $300 bartender / attendant / setup fee, $1000 + tax (200 beverages)

Beyond these typical packages, custom arrangements can be made at any time.

*no tipping required or expected

**consumption over allotted beverage count at $7 per beer, wine and drink and $2 per soft drink (only after receiving permission from the family)

Standard Package (will be provided unless otherwise notified):

Coke               Diet Coke            Sprite                Tonic             Soda Water

Miller Lite     Bud Light           Sam Adams       Corona

Vodka             Gin                      Rum                    Bourbon

Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon

Candoni Pinot Noir

Glen Ellyn Pinot Grigio