What Our Families Are Saying...

Three Generations With Your Family

We believe every person has a great story. 

Most people are not celebrities but to their family they are a treasure, and their story needs to be celebrated.  People are uniquely created, we have similarities, but our differences and life experiences define who we are. 

Since 1930 the Kolssak family has been listening, creating experiences, and sharing stories of many truly amazing people.  We proudly serve Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Lincolnshire, Northbrook, Prospect Heights, and the Northshore.  We are located on historic Milwaukee Avenue nestled along the Des Plaines River. 

Think of our funeral home as a stage and the story we are going to tell is that of an amazing person that has lived.  We focus on life and not death.  We want to engage all the senses; from listening to favorite music, poems, or scriptures; viewing of photos, videos, and memorabilia; feeling hugs or touch of loved ones, and perhaps tasting a favorite beverage or family recipe.

Kolssak's team will listen to you, learn from you, and create an experience that makes sense for you.  Our mission is to provide normalcy during a time that seems abnormal.  As funeral professionals, we are well versed; from traditional funerals, custom events, or carbon neutral cremations.  We say "yes" when others may say "no". 
It would be an honor to share your family's story.  Websites are very useful, but they cannot replace the human connection - please call us at 847-537-6600.

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