Burial Vault

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An outer burial container or burial vault, is a required item at all non green cemeteries in the area. The purpose of a vault is to add a protective element for the deceased and to the cemetery to maintain it’s inherent beauty. Wilbert is the nation’s finest burial vault manufacturer and offers many different products from the most basic, which fulfills the minimum requirements of the cemetery to the double protection of a Triune. The vaults below are the options that fits today’s consumer.

Stainless Steel Triune – $2750
Wilbert’s Stainless Steel Triune is a Double Reinforced burial vault, Cover and base reinforced with high-impact ABS plastic and strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel Brilliant stainless steel carapace and Includes Memorialization Plus™ brass capsule, special emblems and customized nameplate

Tribute – $2500
The Tribute is our newest concrete burial vault and is now available for sale. It is constructed of premium ABS which both lines the vault and covers the exterior, utilizing Wilbert’s two part epoxy Unidex bonding system.

Venetian – $1750
Wilbert’s Venetian is the finest single-reinforced burial vault, High-strength concrete with premium ABS Marbelon™ plastic-reinforced cover and base, Rich look of polished marble with Personalization choices available.

Monticello – $1250
Wilbert’s Monticello is the basic single reinforced burial vault, concrete exterior with Strentex plastic reinforced cover and base. Available and multiple colors

The Basic – $750
The necessary outer burial container that meets minimum cemetery requirements.

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